About Israeli Arts

ISRAELI-ARTS is a home for Israeli artists looking to expose their work to a worldwide audience of art lovers. 
The works featured on our platform, which span a wide range of media and styles, are created by artists living and working in Israel. 
Together, they showcase the country’s diversity in all its colorful variety and inherent contradictions. 
Our goal is to empower young Israeli artists by promoting their work to individuals and communities around the world seeking meaningful ways to connect with and support Israel. 
All our works of art are available exclusively on the ISRAELI-ARTS website. 

Limor Aloni

Born and raised in Israel and trained as an interior designer with a focus on art history and photography, Limor’s roots in the world of Israeli art run deep.
She is intimately acquainted with the country’s vibrant art scene, frequenting its myriad galleries, museums, and student exhibitions, and is a valued voice among Israeli artists.

Limor’s passion for art sparked the idea for an online platform promoting Israeli art to people around the world who feel an affinity with the country and its culture.
She envisioned a website that would provide the international market with convenient one-stop access to the world of Israeli artworks, while advancing a meaningful social agenda of supporting the arts in her home country.
The Israeli-Arts platform is the culmination of this vision, offering people searching for ways to connect to Israel direct access to an exclusive community of highly talented Israeli artists looking to expand their international audience.

 Limor Aloni

Limor selects her artists with care, choosing works that speak to her personally.
She upholds close personal ties with all her artists with the belief that true, long-term collaboration is founded on trusting relationships.
Only artists who studied art in Israel, work and create art in Israel, and for whom art is their primary vocation are included in the collection;
the artworks themselves are also selected only if they address Israeli themes.


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