Nadya and Dima Gurevich


Nadya and Dima Gurevich, a husband-and-wife team, are two young designers who immigrated to Israel from Eastern Europe: Dima is originally from the region of Caucasia, while Nadya’s roots are in Latvia. Just before completing their art studies—Dima graduated from the Department of Ceramic Design at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, and Nadya from the Department of Industrial Design at Hadassah College—they opened the high-end Sculpture In Design (SIND) Studio together in Old Jaffa, where they create functional sculptures made from porcelain that span a range of styles, from the delicately elegant to the bluntly whimsical. These objects insert themselves into the quotidian habits of daily life, sparking conversations and creating space for thought and inspiration within mundane actions.

Nadya and Dima Gurevich

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The pieces created by the Gureviches are characterized by a clean, geometrical and modernist conceptual style, which are then are imbued with a playful sensibility that verges on the humorous. Their works are created in a method of pottery called slip casting, in which liquid clay (also known as slip) is poured into a previously prepared mold. The Gureviches claim that “compared to conventional ceramic materials, this is more challenging to work with, but it allows us to make thinner, lighter, and more sophisticated objects."

“The main idea in our works, and that which inspires us, is a combination of functional design and conceptual aesthetic art in everyday objects. We really enjoy designing and making products that are functional but still give space for thought.”